Fairfield League of Yankee Radio Controllers  

Secretary Report

December 6, 2017 Club Meeting


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General Business:



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Paul Ivey seconded by Pat Napolitano

Treasures Report:  

Rent on field and all bills are paid


        35 Paid members to date

        Pat Naplitano would like to make a presentation at his menís club hoping to recruit new members

Field Maintenance:

        Final fertilizer has been applied mole activity has decreased with final rolling

        Charging station, panels and batteries will be removed after New Year Day stored and wiring updated

Sound & Safety:

        Always ask for or offer help when starting

        When more than two planes in the air show have second set of eyes


        Model Airplane News is having a promotion can get through Tower Hobbies

        Tri Club Christmas Party

        Hobby Hangout SWAP meet will be an annual event

Old Business:

        New Year Party at Russ Pribanic

New Business:

        Fly RC Swap Meet will discuss in spring

        WRAMs Show NE RC Jamboree Feb 23-24 Ken will arrange for bus Cliff  collected $90.00 for the charging station which he turned over to Mike Herrick

Club Web Site:

Nothing to report

Show and Tell:

Nothing Shown

Table to Future Meeting

Nothing Tabled


Ron Whitlock

Meeting Adjournment:

Meeting Adjourned 

Minutes submitted by Ron Faanes



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